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Get that septic tested BEFORE you get an offer!

I hear you.  Before the words come out of your mouth, I know they are going to be, “What if we don’t sell soon?  I’ve just wasted the money!”  Let me say it again, “Get that septic tested BEFORE you get an offer!”  Sure, it might end up costing a couple hundred bucks more before we are done, but the potential loss is HUGE!

Septic systems have become a big issue!  Here’s the bottom line.  If they don’t work, you don’t sell!  Just because you haven’t had a backup or any problems, doesn’t mean it is going to pass inspection.  Restrictions are becoming tighter and septic systems do not last forever.  Would you rather know we have a significant issue BEFORE you list the property, or after you have shown it several times, negotiated a fair price, made preparations to move, and THEN find out?  And don’t say, “The buyer is going to have to take care of it.”  At this point you’ve lost all your leverage and re-negotiating is going to cost YOU!

Even if you agree to make the repairs, the frigid winter we have faced could very well ruin your deal and lose the sale because the repair just physically cannot be done.  Many banks will not permit a closing and the buyers might not be willing to wait until spring!

For all these reasons and several more, “Get that septic tested BEFORE you get an offer!”

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